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White Tea

The ultimate luxurious spa fragrance infused with a dozen essential oils.  Fresh scents of mandarin, thyme, and ginger blends beautifully with the floral jasmine blossoms, chrysanthemum petals, and white tea buds for a pleasant and soothing aroma. Paired with a peace dove charm.


About Charm Jar Soy Candles

These are just the right size for gifting or any room!  The glass jar has a classic homey look with the unexpected sparkle from the matching charm.   Perfect way to add natural light to your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. 


We use high quality materials, the finest natural soy wax (grown and made in USA) and carefully select our colors and scents.  Soy wax burns slow and cool with an eco friendly wick made of cotton and paper braid.  We take pride in pouring all our candles by hand in small batches.


Height: 10 cm.

Volume: 6 oz.


White Tea Charm Jar

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